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Bowls & Sinks
All these granite bowls and sinks are carved out of solid rock pieces. They can be either over-mount(drop-ins) or under-mount. Their sizes can be customized, while their overflows and drain holes are mostly standard. Internal sides of the sinks, bowls and drop-ins are well polished with their external sides honed or ground. We accept drawings for fabrication purpose. Faucets are obtainable if needed.
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Granite Pulls
We supply a full range of glass mosaics, in terms of designs, colors and patterns. All of them are suitable for both interior and exterior decorations. As they are made of crystal glass, they are characteristic of acid resistance and zero water absorption. All glass mosaics could be plain and colored. A diverse spectrum could be achieved to meet our client’s requirements. There are two typical thicknesses of our glass mosaics: 4mm and 8mm, which results in different packages and loading capabilities on a pallet and in a container. We utilize carton boxes and wooden pallets as our packages, which have proven to be efficient in both cost and sturdiness. Our package methods live up to international standards in and out.
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