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   Johnson Granite Resources (R) specializes in its total export of natural stone products from China. Since our inception in 1998, we have been serving our customers with quality products and superb service at the same time.

       Our dedicated staff shares their expertise with our customers in all aspects of a stone business. Our wide range of stone products have been involved in hundreds of commercial and residential jobs overseas. For instance, our prefabricated counter tops have been applied to hotel remodeling, condominium and home improvement jobs in USA over the past decades. Also, our wall panels, treads and risers, pavers, window sills and column claddings have been used in many jobs. All of them could be ready for installation as soon as they are pulled out of packages. 

      The area where we are located is so abundant in stone resources that we have easy and ready access to almost all the Chinese stones from our local block yards and quarries. Up to now, we have a record of  631 colors in andesite, basalt, granite, limestone, marble, onyx, porphyry, quartzite, sandstone, slate, travertine and tuff. Most of them are being displayed on our website.  

In addition, an increasing number of import stone materials have been introduced to our area. Now you can find almost all types of stones from around the world here in our local block yards. Many of them are being made into tiles, slabs, counter tops, bowls, sinks, and many other cut-to-sizes before they are exported again.

 In the first years of our commencement, we were only able to supply simple cut-to-size products for inventories. But with the passing years, we have acquired our overall experience and expertise. Also, we have enlarged our product scope to include cast-stone, glass mosaics, metal mosaics and wrought irons. All of them have proven very helpful for our clientele.

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